What would your superpower be?

What would your superpower be?

I have a best friend who is a Doctor. More than a best friend, she’s like my big sister. (As an only child I adopted a big brother and sister at an early age. I recommend it!) She is passionate about her job, is an amazing leader, has successfully led huge changes in the NHS, in her field over the past 20 years. The other evening, she and her daughter were discussing what superpower they would have. Discounting the usual invisibility, X-ray vision, power to fly, etc my friend, the doctor, plumped for the superpower of Ethical Persuasion…

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Do you know your pandas from your hummingbirds? (Clue…SEO)

Do you know your pandas from your penguins?

Did you know your pandas and penguins are outdated and you need to move on to hummingbirds? And I’m talking SEO! And those of you who know me know I freely admit to a paucity in all things digital…but I went to a brilliant workshop last night in Brighton on the power of fabulous story telling PR combined with truly “whizzy-bang” SEO (I did say I was not technical with the lingo) and I have to say I feel much more “on it” and more importantly, inspired…

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This is not about red wine…

Glass of red wine

…it’s about the brain.

Years ago, I went to stay with my friend Mel. She had a toddler, Jamie. On Saturday morning we were having coffee in her lounge when we heard the patter of feet coming down the parquet hallway. Jamie appeared at the door with a huge glass of red wine – poured right to the brim with the meniscus intact.

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Why rail companies need psycho-analysis… and fast!

Steam train

The commuter train to London, early. A ticket collector is faced with a passenger who hasn’t got a ticket. The customer is being truculent – like a rebellious teenager. Understandably, this is winding the ticket collector up, quite a lot. He’s definitely getting riled. “Don’t you speak to me like that! I can call the police and I will call the police if you continue.”

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