Executive coaching is a phrase that’s bandied around quite a bit these days.

For us, it means professional coaching with a focus on supporting you to develop the skills you need in your work; the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top-performing teams and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under challenging conditions. This could be around your personal impact, your leadership style, your ability to handle stress, or handling conflict or challenge.

The key element is that the process is led by you. We will listen, give you space and time to think, ask you questions and challenge you to get the best you can from yourself.

It can be a time to discover what is really important to you; your core values and what drives you. The bit that’s stamped through your middle – like a stick of Brighton rock. Once you understand that, you can see how your values align to the culture you work in and the culture you create as a leader for your teams.

We use psychometric testing and a vast range of tools and techniques to support you in our coaching sessions.

We coach at all levels of an organisation.

Packages are bespoke to individuals and are usually a blend of face-to-face, Skype, phone and email support.

What’s core for you? What’s the bit stamped through your middle?

Seaside rock with text

What our clients say

The critical value I get from Janet is the chance to be completely objective about my career path and distilling all the options down to one or two items that I can then get busy on.

Retail Manager, Coventry

I found the January coaching session with my Blue Starfish coach very productive. I have had issues with understanding what leadership is really about and throughout discussions (and analogies with sparkly red stiletto shoes!) I was able to understand the difference between leadership and management. The penny finally dropped!

Operations Manager, Nottingham

The sessions that I’ve had with Sarah this year have been invaluable to me. Through the coaching I have been able to really focus on my self-development. This has only served to impact my performance in a really positive way. Sarah has helped me find my own answers and I always find the sessions enjoyable.

Call Centre Team Leader, Essex

Wow. The session was wonderful and I do now feel more excited and energised about my development than I have felt in the last few months. Janet was open, approachable and, although I was quite nervous before the session, she made it an easy and open time.

Marketing Manager, Midlands

I thought this session was fantastic! Andy is clearly very experienced as a coach and very professional. I can honestly say this was the most useful development session I have had in a very long time. Andy guided me to appreciate my strengths and coached me to come up with my own ideas for my development areas. I left this session feeling very motivated and with a clear direction of what I want to achieve for my development and how to take it forward – it gave me plenty to think about!

Business Analyst, Energy Company